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Onboard Weighing

ASCOREL is a manufacturer of a variety of on-board scales for heavy equipment. Please take a look at the chart below, find your particular machine and then click on the checkmarks to get more information about the system.

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This is the main page for our onboard weighing systems for wheel loaders and onboard weighing systems for trucks. The scales systems for loaders are suitable for forklifts, tele-handler and compact loaders. Our entire line of on board scales is comprised of a mid-range on-board scale MC 382 along with a top of the line bucket scale MC 402. We also offer an entry-level wheel loader scale MC 222. Our entire line of wheel loader scales can be used for a variety of industries including aggregates, mining, quarries, scrap metal, transfer stations, municipalities, agriculture. Our complete line of scales all feature dynamic weighing, precision weighing, consistent vehicle loadings, and help you increase productivity and profits by eliminating guesswork when it comes to loadings trucks. Our line of onboard scales for trucks inclcudes MAX TRUCK.