''Successes in 2016 allow us to invest serenely on our strategic axes for 2017''.

First of all, I would like to thank our clients who have confidence in us,
and all the teams who, thanks to their good spirit, motivation and unwavering will, have achieved a very fine year 2016, With sales growth of 11%!!
2016 was marked by the arrival of a new weighing range of products. The launch of the MC403 has been enthusiastically welcomed by all our partners both in terms of product and service: the market is satisfied with a quality product adapted to the needs of our customers and by a recognized customer service.

MC403 weighing pesage

Enthousiasme qui s’est confirmé en cette fin d’année par un taux d’adoption excellent, et la promesse de l’un des plus grands constructeurs de machines de chantier de renommée internationale, « de passer à la tablette tactile  Visio7 - MC403  de marque ASCOREL pour équiper ses chargeuses. »
Enthusiasm, which was confirmed at the end of the year by an excellent adoption rate, and the promise of one of the world's leading construction machinery manufacturers, "to move to the brand Visio7 -MC403 ASCOREL to
equip its loaders. "

These successes allow us to invest peacefully on our strategic axes for 2017 and to initiate a five-ear development plan.

If 2017 can only be the continuation of 2016, it is important to maintain this level of "customer satisfaction" and to focus our efforts on the tasks of process structuring and industrialization: Carry out the group consolidation and synergy phase which will bring to our customers, diversified visions and a true technological added value.

Since the actions we carry out are for the most part long-term,
Analyzes the results of the past year, it is in part to recall the objectives to be pursued in 2017 which will therefore be written on 4 axes:

  1. Continue to renew the product range and create new services
  2. Continuity and reinforcement of our level of service: with a team dedicated to the installation of our systems while maintaining 
    a requirement of training, control and quality of execution
  3. Launch of an internal and independent structure dedicated to innovation for the whole group and its customers.
  4. Strengthening our export activities: US, Middle East and Africa

These are ambitious targets for 2017 but I have confidence in our teams and I know that all of us, with the ultimate goal of satisfying our customers, will be involved in this project

Jean-Yves BILLON