Some projects realized


more than 500 clients trust us.

nearly 6 out of 10 customers gave Ascorel a rating of 8/10 or more.

This reflects the adequacy of our offer in relation to the needs of our markets

over 92% of users say they are satisfied with Ascorel’s products, sales and technical service.

Ascorel knows how to meet the needs of leading machine tool OEMs and their distributors as well as Key accounts, users and rental companies.

From its base in France, its industrial expertise has now acquired a world renown.

Some projects

  • The highest aerial platform in the world Bronto Sky lift

    The highest aerial platform in the world (over 110m) is equipped with Ascorel® systems.

    Evolving, high-performance systems with robotic movements designed and produced by Ascorel®.

  • Dance of the cranes at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in Greece

    The  protagonists of this innovative choreography were none other than the 10 construction cranes, working daily on the SNFCC site for the completion of the project, which “danced” to the music of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”, with Renato Zanella’s unique choreography.

    Ascorel® has equipped all cranes with anti-collision systems.

  • Careers in the South of France: 6 MC 403 CTA* and connected systems

    The loading ticket is legally used for invoicing.

    Connectivity allows all the loading information to be fed back to the customer’s ERP.

    *Commercial Transaction Approval