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Because it is a major issue in terms of reducing the production of construction waste, waste traceability has been the focus of much attention for several years. Better managing and recovering this waste makes it possible to limit the storage of useless waste and therefore greatly reduce its overall volume on site.

👉 Do you want to optimise the management and traceability of your waste? Are you looking for the solution that meets your needs and expectations?

Imagine an on-board weighing system developed to be YOUR loading assistant! 
✅ Thanks to a large choice of products and options, you can choose THE solution that fits your needs and expectations.
✅Optimize the traceability of your waste by retrieving all your data in 1 click and in real time.

It’s possible! 🤩

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The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is involved with Ascorel® in the development of its activities.

Did you know that?

As a manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), Ascorel® has several administrative obligations:

  • Report every year to the National Register of Producers of ADEME the equipment placed on the market, the quantities collected…
  •  Organise the collection system for our products put on the market
  • Inform our customers about the solutions they can use to recycle electrical equipment

To answer these obligations, Ascorel® has joined Ecosystem. This eco-organization makes it possible to set up and finance collection points for the recycling of electronic equipment. Thanks to this membership, Ascorel® participates in the upgrading of its end-of-life systems.

For industries where security and reliability are essential, Ascorel® offers customs security and command control systems. Our systems for mobile equipments are scalable and highly efficient, allowing us to manage aerial work platforms and complex machines.

Our team suports you from A to Z during your project, from design to production and maintenance :

  • Software design & development
  • Custom electronic design
  • Remote maintenance and control

New features brought by robotic movements  :

  • New regulation, based on predictive order
  • Auto-calibration
  • Front and vertical drive tracking
  • Trajectory recording and tracking
  • Safe return (DIN 14701-1 standard)
  • Supervisor to secure automatic movements by stopping the machine if a deviation is detected

Ascorel® is proud to have been involve, thanks to its technical expertise, in the most popular crane project in Switzerland: Grimsel.

This project is now published on the front page of “International Cranes” magazine, a reference in the world of cranes, a pride for ASCOREL®!

Through this project, the company has equipped all the machines with its anti-collision range for construction cranes.

Ascorel® (Ascotronics Group) is launching a new onboard weighing system for the loader, its code name: MC 403

Main advantages, according to the designer:

  • the compactness in the cabin,
  • a large colored touch screen with a portrait and landscape mode,
  • a connectivity that allows data to be transmitted to the operating desk by USB key, wi-fi, GSM and Internet

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